Wednesday, November 29, 2006


i promised pics from the cruise. so here they are.
a little background first, we took off from l.a. went to s.d. then catalina and then to ensenada. it was way too much fun and really expensive, but i can't wait to go on another one. i think something like this would be alot of fun for all of us. as soon as we got on the boat we started drinking and didn't stop until 4 hours of debarkment. and so you know these are a few of the guys i went to church with and hung out with in high school.

Monday, November 27, 2006


i just wanted to say thank you to all who came to our thanksgiving pie fest. once again we outdid ourselves with the food, soon we will have to learn to tone it down and figure out exactly how to do a big meal like that. anyways thanks for the fun and the food and i am sorry that i didn't make it out to karoeke, i hope you all had fun. i wish i could have spent a little more time with you(becky and jay) before you left and i hope you had a safe flight home. thanks again and i will see you all soon.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

funny thing

okay so i was looking at my last post, the one i just put up and noticed that the previous three or four were all posts gettting back at you for saying i didn't post enough our you were taking me off your links. i just thought that was kinda funny.

The Faithless

the title refers to all of you (if i could do that link thing i would link that YOU to one of you faithless, instead i will make it bold)who doubted that i would return to my blog when i had time. i never left you becky, but i will admit times were rough, well until the end when i was on my cruise. i still have yet to open up space on my work computer, so i do not have any pictures from the cruise, but they will be up shortly. I will say this though, i am super excited about friday, katie and i have been talking about this long before we ever got to planning it. with that being said i will see all of YOU on friday, and happy thanksgiving.

Monday, November 20, 2006

I'm Back!

okay so i just got back from my forst vacay in about 4 years. so this post will suck and i may not get back to here until after the holiday, but there will be some pics up from my trip, a 4 day cruise.

post ya later.

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