Wednesday, May 28, 2008

still rockin

things are still goin well up here in napa. not a whole lot of new info to speak of. i know it sounds boring, and it is kinda, but i still love it. i'm still meeting new people and getting to know my housemates and co-workers better, so that is cool.
i didn't do a whole lot on my birthday, i missed you guys, but it could have been worse. i get to see alex tomorrow. i am going into the big bad city for the first time since i've been up here to go to the golden gate park disc golf course, have a late lunch and a beer, then to sonoma to meet some new people. i'm looking forward to it, then it's back to the grind of drinking and selling wine. i hope you all are doing well. later!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

today was a good day

so today was a pretty good day.
today was the single biggest day in sales in the wineries history, just under $100k, or just over $98k to be exact. i don't know if i'm on the commission scale yet, but i sure as hell hope so. i also "vip-ed" a guy in my first tour(i got him to spend over $1500). i also "vip-ed" him on the incentive barrel. and at the end of the day, that helped me to win the incentive for the day, a crisp $100 bill. and i also made $20 in tips. so i had some good sales, vip-ed a guy, was a part of the wineries biggest day in sales ever(which i think might have got me an early commission check) and walked with a $120 in cash.

today was a good day. i also got my pay bump after my first week. my first paycheck was one week at $12 an hour. my second was two weeks at $15. so i got my pay bump after one week, a good sign i think.

so things are good, i wish you all the best. i miss you guys, and get your asses up here for a visit.

so long from napa.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

whats happenen'

so things are still going okay up here in napa. work is good, i am almost up to $20,000 in sales ytd. so that is cool. i've been hanging out with people from work as well as my house mates and been meeting new people, so that is cool as well.

so it has been hot as balls up here, at least for napa. we hit 95 yesterday and got up to 103 today. the news asked people to stay indoors, avoid working out and other activities that could possibly be harmful if performed on a hot day. it is weird to see this kind of concern the second it reaches 90 degrees. so...since it was hot and i had the day off, i went to benicia and hung out with a friend from work at her apartment yesterday and in 45 minutes, i turned into a tomato. it was fun, and last night i went to one of the other houses and was there until about 3:30. it was a good day, and today i did a whole lot of nuttin' but putting aloe on my chest.

i've been doing some riding around here. it is beautiful, and i don't have to drive anywhere to ride through the hills. i get to start from my house, and that is great.

oh! and my brother is now engaged, so that is exciting. well, it is time to apply more aloe. i miss you guys. talk to you soon.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

things are going

so today was an awesome day. i was scheduled at the estate(the fancy one) today and was sent down to the napa one because they were busy and understaffed. when i got there i was asked to call the manager. i was a bit worried i might get fired cause i had a rough tour last weekend. but instead of being fired i was asked to go to the company dinner, i was also asked to keep it quiet because i am the only one of the new hires to be asked, and you usually aren't asked until you've worked for at least 1 month with them. so...yeah! then as the day went on my sales were great. i did half a case in my first tour, followed almost 6k in my next. i got two people to VIP, or spend over $1500. with a couple other $200, $300 and $400 sales mixed in that one and the next tour after. so today was a good day. tomorrow i go back to work, and then i get to go party with my new co-workers at the company dinner tomorrow night.

so i will be coming home on tues night after work. i'm gonna have a late dinner and crash at my folks, but if anyone wants to hang on wed day but for sure on wed night at the "mark". then i will be heading back up on thurs afternoon. so i will see you all soon. peace out!

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