Tuesday, April 29, 2008

up and running

i'm back online bitches! i has been a long day, and i just got done deleting 200 something emails, and even though it is my friday today, i'm gonna crash. but like i said, tomorrow is my sat. so i will be able to get you more info then. i miss you guys already.

Monday, April 14, 2008

moving day, wed. april 16th, some time early, hopefully before noon

i just really wanted to have a long title, so there you go.

anyways, for those who do not live here, or did not speak to me this weekend.

i'm moving!

i found a place in napa, and will begin moving on wed. the place is pretty cool. i will be renting a room in the back of a house with my own bath and private entrance. inside the main house there are 5 others renting rooms, 2 chefs, a school teacher, an hr rep for japan air, and a realtor, with one more room open for rent. it seems like a cool place and i am very excited. so, like i said, i will be moving on wed, and coming back either thurs or fri to hang with friends and family before i leave for good on sun and officially consider myself "moved". reall quick, this is my deposit for my new digs, five, hundo, in cash. i've never held that much in cash before,at least not in 20's.

so the rest of my weekend was great, i got to hang with my new beau, georgia, on sunday. had a few beers and talked while at sequoia, and the topics would have made adam very happy, and he would have really enjoyed being apart of them, but oh, well. after, i grabbed potter and kasey and we went to hank swanks to whack a few balls, well me and potter whacked them, kasey fanned them, but it was still nice of her. potter also found some inspiration for a new piece i think, called the "destruction of fresno" i like "destruction of construction", has a nice ring i think.

and yes kasey did actually hit the flag on the 8th hole, but she hit it so hard, it went off the green, but she still hit it. then yes, dinner at starline grill and dozing off on the couch while watching mxc. it was a great weekend, but exhausting.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

another trip up north

so, i'm heading back up to my future home(nor cal) this weekend. as of right now i will be visiting at least 7 apartments or places that are looking for roommates. i am really excited about some of these places that are looking for roommates because i don't need to worry about furnishing an apartment and i think i would be allowed to bring suki to three of them, where as i have yet to find a place i could live on my own and take her with me. and it wasn't really until tuesday that i realized how much i would miss my dog if i had to leave her behind, so i really want to find a place that she is welcome. so wish me luck on my venture this weekend, i'll be back saturday night, so it won't be all weekend.

for some reason i have been looking for new music, and have found some good new stuff, at least new to me. the cribs, we the kings, your vegas, melody gardot, alice smith and yoav. all of the people and groups are very different from one another, but they are all really good. the story behind melody gardot(gardoe) is a great one. hit by a car while riding her bike, and her doctor suggested she use music to help her brain functions. she still walks with a cane and has to wear dark glasses, she also has a condition that makes noise painful. pretty cool stuff, check them out. i believe most of them are on myspace. yoav does a great pixies cover, but the rest of his album is great. for alice smith, make sure you check out "dream". i actually have a your vegas song on my myspace page right now, and we the kings and the cribs are sweet. some of you may not like we the kings too much, as they are a bit on the pop-ie side, sort of like all american rejects.

well, i'm leaving in the morning, so i will check you all on saturday. peace out.

Monday, April 07, 2008

apartment hunting

so this is beginning to get a little frustrating. i knew it would be hard, but that is crazy. the average rent in st. helena is $767, napa is a bit higher and most surrounding areas are a little lower. that is all fine and dandy accept i can't find any of these places that bring the average rent so low. and there has to be a bunch to bring down the average with some of these super premium apartments.

so i went up friday to do some hunting and check out that trailer place...WOW! i was way excited for not a lot of reason. these are your basic old travel trailers. meant for periodic living, not permanent, and the changes tony made to these trailers wasn't what i thought. i don't know why i thought they would be bigger, i know how long 22ft. is and i've lived in a trailer for a few weeks while camping with my grandparents in oregon. i should have known what to expect, but i was blinded by hope, until disappointment opened my eyes to truth. as you can see it is a small community of 6 of these trailers(there is one you can't see), with one more coming in the near future. tony, the man in charge was super nice and was doing what he could to help out some people, but the amount he was charging for what i would be getting is astronomical. there is no way that he still needs to work if all 6 of these are occupied for $600-$650 a month. all i'm saying is the $/sq. ft. is way out of proportion. i tried to keep an open mind, but there is no way, not even temporarily. i would have to constantly duck under the a/c in the middle of the trailer, duck to get in the trailer, learn to sleep in a different way cause the bed is too small, no suki, and i would be getting all of this for $100 bucks less than i can get a full apartment, in town. minimum 600sq ft compared to 50sq ft is a big difference, especially for the amount of money. i would just be giving up alot for nothing in return. lets just forget for a moment that the place is waaaaay small for me. i have a lot of stuff that needs storing. these places have at most, 1.5ft worth of closet space. a tiny fridge with no freezer. there isn't enough room to store my shoes, let alone my clothes, dishes, cleaning supplies, and lets not forget , my weights, my bike or any of the other stuff i have that pertains to my active lifestyle. but lets just say i wanted to buy some frozen foods to keep for a time where i didn't buy food on the way home or fresh food to make, i would have to store that frozen food in a large storage freezer for all of the tenants, and would need to mark it with a sharpie.

i don't want to keep bashing this place, the guy was nice, and there were some redeeming qualities to this place, they just came no where close to making it livable for someone like me. either way, i am continuing the search, hopefully i will have some better news soon.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

finding a place

so apartment shopping sucks, especially in a place like napa. it's not like it is insanely expensive to live up there, but it is still more than here. they also have a serious distaste for pets, unless you have oodles of cash. it is really hard to find a place that allows pets , or pets over 15 lbs, and for under $1200 or $1350 a month, and most of those are 1bdrm, some are 2. but...
i found this place that seems pretty cool. it is a small community this guy made out of converted camper trailers. he has taken all or most of the chinsey camping stuff out, i.e. sinks, toilets, etc. and replaced them with sturdy home things. he has 3 available that i am going to check out on fri, a 18 ft, 20 ft and a 22 ft for $500, $600, and $650 a month. utilities are a flat 75 a month, including T1 internet(online wii gaming, yeah!) and for $10 more i get all the cable channels. suki is not in yet, he would like to meet her first. but apparently he started this place for students of the culinary institute up there, the nursing school and the christian college 20 minutes away for people who wanted a cheap place to live. now i guess he has a number of permanent residence and only a few renters. so the way i understand it is that there might be some furniture in it already, bed, table, it just won't be that big is all. the guy sounded super nice on the phone, so we'll see.

so while i'm up there on fri, i'm also supposed to run by del dotto and say hello again, and then go to the other one in napa, since i'll be working at both.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

moving time

so i've been thinking and trying to figure out this whole moving thing and what extra efforts if will require from me. besides the insane obvious things i'm going to need to do, of the more simple things is to furnish a home, simple right? wrong! when you haven't lived on your own since college and almost everything you used was either borrowed from your parents or grandparents, this task becomes increasingly more difficult. i still have some of the kitchen stuff, but most pots, pans, tupperware, etc. is gone. i have a bed, 2 dressers, nightstands, and that's about it. i don't have a couch, chair, table, nothing, i don't even have a tv to play my wii on, my current tv is potters. now i'm not spilling all of this to get a pity party, that is not the case. but what i was looking for were any tips or suggestions on how to resolve this issue in an economical way, as money has always been tight, it is now worse with higher rent, possible car payments, deposit, and furnishing a place.

so needless to say, i'm a bit worried as to how i am going to make this work, so any help would be appreciated.


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