Monday, March 31, 2008

miam out, napa in!

so i got a call on sat morning letting me know that miami f.c. wasn't going to be calling me. that's a rough way to wake up at 8:30 after a long night of drinking. anyways, with that, napa just got a whole lot sweeter. and on fri my suspicions were confirmed by del dotto estates. i sent an email to the hr rep(?), georgia, she was the one that interviewed me. either way i shot her and email in the late morning letting her know that i was working on housing and things like that, but still interested, and i would keep her up to date on things. about 10 minutes later i got a reply say that was great and to let them know when i could start, hopefully before may. seems like i pretty much have a job. so it may seem quick, but the earlier i get up there, the earlier i get to make more money, and might be able to get some time off work for certain events in the near future. i'm going to wait one more day for the vintners collective before i call them and see whats going on. but if they say no, then it's del dotto here i come.

and can someone give me a hand? is there a rule of thumb on how much of your income you should spend on rent/utilities/etc.? i'm just trying to figure out which places are worth calling and which are not.

and for those who don't know, i now only have one team left to root for.


Friday, March 28, 2008

a long one, for me atleast

so as most know, ed, adam and heather were on a podcast talking about music. i took a listen yesterday and enjoyed it, funny and informative guys and gal. well done. but of course it got me looking at my own collection and thinking about my past, and how i got to where i am now musically. what a wild ride it has been. to explain, when i bought my first cd player, i had enough money left to actually buy a few cd's, three to be exact. and they were. 1) arrested development-unplugged 2)alan jackson-who i am, the one that has chattahoochee on it. 3)SWV-sisters with voices. yeah! suck it. a few weeks later i bought three more. 4)crash test dummies-mmmm mmmm mmmm 5)spin doctors-pocket full of kryptonite 6)soundgarden-superunknown. now before the cd's there were tapes, but like adam, my dad had control of my musical likiing and had me listening to dc talk, news boys and of course petra. petra is a christian classic rock band. one of the album covers was a v type guitar, that was a space ship, awesome. there of course were many more, but i try to keep those more painful memories locked up. so there is a little peak at my musical past.

so lately i have been on a big female artist kick, and trying to find a few under grounders and it has been fun. if you'd like let me give you a few good artists i've found in my recent search.
meiko(she also spells it with a lower case)-awesome, hard to describe, some electric, simple but beautiful, check it.
jessie baylin-a girl and her guitar. beautiful voice, a little on the slower side, be in the right mood.
kate voegel-girl and her guitar. good for the most part, but she slips in and out of shakira voice stylings. hit and miss, but some decent hits.
kate nash-this girl is a-w-e-s-o-m-e. her lyrics are fun and light, and then slip into something a little more dark. the album has great balance, fun music, happy music, bitter music, cute one liners. she is by far my favorite, so far. check out the album, made of bricks.

i've also been recycling some older ones i've had for a few month/years.

tristan prettyman-jason mraz-esque. great writer, and simple music that is not distracting. beautiful voice.

colbie caillet-beachy, a female jack johnson. good lyrics and a great voice.

sara bareilles-a little different. girl+piano+voice and lyrics=good times.

these last three should be staples in a persons female artist collection.

so i was thinking about my blog on my way to work this morning, and which songs, and artists i would talk about, and which direction i wanted this thing to go(it now has a mind of its own). i stopped into jamba juice for my breakfast and there is that time in shops like this, the kind where you place your order, but you just have to stand for a few minutes and wait, try not to make eye contact with the other patrons. anyway, i was there, doing that, reading ads and nutrition facts, when i heard something, something familiar, but i couldn't put my finger on it. i kept listening, radiohead? the voice sounds like thom yorke, but the music isn't radiohead, what? then i heard it. it was a cover or a remake of karma police with a reggae music theme. strange but not too bad.

i guess thats enough for now. have a great friday.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

i'm back

well...some of you saw me last night and know i'm back in town. so to recap whats went down in my recent past.

i went back to napa on mon for another interview. this place is amazing.

it is called domaine carneros, and it is one of the finest producers of sparkling wines and premium varietals. this place could be a great place to work, but i think that they may , i may not work with there style. either way i don't think we'll mesh, but it was a great interview experience, much more formal and traditional, so that was good. they also want to start with part-time, and if it's a good fit, then full-time and all the benefits that come with that.
so i left there and went back into st.helena to drop off some more resumes at peju and st. supery(sup-ree). i also stopped back by the vintner's collective to drop off a bottle of wine. while there i got a chance to talk with the partner who still seems excited about me and what i could bring to them.
i had lunch and then split to capitola.
capitola was great, beautiful weather, and good friends. i went to a bonfire on mon night, handed out resumes tue, decided to stay one more night and do some more on wed. it was good, but i found a reoccurring theme. smalll wineries that don't offer full-time positions.
but, while there, i got a call that might get me a chance to go for a week long try-out for miami f.c. if you don't know who they are, they are a usl-1 team. minimum salary is $2000 a month and paid housing. so that could be cool.
either way, i'm back in town, at least for a while.
to explain these pictures, this first one is from my first trip up there on fri. so that was my outfit, you can't see the pants, but they are navy pinstripes. the next two are from my trip up on mon. i am wearing my new outfit from banana republic, i look good!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

one more, but next week

i scheduled another interview, but not until monday. i think i am going to go up, do my interview and then just go to wineries and just hand out resumes after, unless i get another interview scheduled. i will spend the night up there and then spend all day tuesday handing out resumes and driving back home. i want to do another trip like this in the next week or so, to santa cruz, paso, and or monterrey areas(probably not all in 2 days). so if anyone wants to drink wine while i hand out resumes, let me know.

-madness update-
so what the hell is up with all these close games, except for the few underdogs i pick. oh! wait, kent was only a 9 v * and got their ass handed to them. and oral roberts, i knew they wouldn't win, i picked them because their name is "oral" roberts, and that's funny to me, but they could have at least made it close like the other games today. what a bunch of pricks.


i did want to talk about my dinner last night, but i didn't want to mess up what i had going in my previous post.

so my brother and i made dinner for my mom last night, for her birthday on tuesday. trent made salmon burgers w/dill sauce. while i made baked parmesan and chili sweet potato fries w/horseradish dipping sauce. very good, and pretty healthy. the fries were easy and delicious, and you can get creative in what you add to the top, and the sauce. just make sure you spray the pan with non-stick, that would have helped a lot.


okay, they name and template, gone! out with the old, in with the new. sara, kasey and mike; congrats to you all, you are now on the side bar, so enjoy your link, tell your friends.

i haven't seen any homeless today, so nothing about that, no new interviews, so nothing about that. and i'm in a better mood, so lets not ruin it and talk about it. so let's recycle and go back to the tat.

the three words that are in for sure, are:

the list of words to pick for the fourth and final word is as follows:
Free spirit-Fri sjæl
Strength-Styrke -Strong-Stærk

when i look at the list, mischievous and determined look to be the same in length, and i didn't pick any other words that can match passionate in length. i guess symetry is out. so get your votes in for the fourth and final word, or suggestions that i may or may not listen too on another choice for the fourth. your voice could make the swaying argument that picks what i stick.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

couple of things

okay, i have a couple of things to get done today, so lets get started.

1st ed, what the heck. last week you said all i needed was another post and you would move me, am i moved, nope, not yet. even though i have made several posts since you made that comment. i'm just a lowly blogger trying to make it in a crazy world, hook me up!

2nd i saw another homeless guy on my way to work again, apparently spring break bring out the destitute. this guy wasn't sleeping barefoot though, he was walking his bike and his dog down the street. what this guy did have was his dog rockin' a leather jacket. this was a much more positive looking nomadic. i wish i was "johnny on the spot" with the camera, but alas, i was to slow as i was driving and he was walking in the opposite direction.

3rd i saw ed's booze test and was impressed, so i decided to take it as well. see if i could compete with a 97%, and no surprise there folks...

like ed said, not shocked, but the questions were fairly easy, or there was just some obvious answers.

4th a new name for the blog. i'm pretty sure that i have my new name all wrapped up, but...i thought i would give the few of you who weren't at kaseys last night to here the choices before it is set in digital stone. it was just three of us; kasey, adam and me, watching a hilarious show which was not just our inspiration, but i am straight up stealing these names. the first is SHERBERT TIGHTS. my next option is TRENDY & THE TRINITY. the final choice is GOON LaDUCHE. i will let you all cast your votes, as to which name i will choose, just know that they will carry no weight in my decision making as i've already decided.

and making out in a theater, that is wrong, and disgusting and blah, blah blah, oh never mind.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

job interview, part deux

so, i set up that interview for 11:00 on fri, that was good and all, and you already know about that. as the day progressed, i did what i've been doing for the last week, find jobs and apply for them. if i had to guess, i would have to say close to 40 resumes have been sent out in total, 5 or so just today. the way it normally work is i find jobs at this site, it is part of the largest wine industry publication, wine business monthly. after i find a job, i do a little research on the winery, or whatever the job is and then i decide whether i want to send them my resume. one of the places i researched and applied to today is called the vintner's collective. it is a tasting room for 18 napa wineries that don't have tasting rooms of their own, along with some other local wines available for sale there. the place looked awesome, and i thought what a great way to make some contacts in the industry, so i sent in my resume. the owner of the joint has already called me back and i now have two interviews on fri. like i said the one interview was good, but his one really helped pick me up out of my funk. i mentioned briefly about this job in my last post, but i had yet to research it and see what it was all about, but a full time position, 401k, and a gym membership to go along with everything else. if you want to see this place, i said i was scared about the other place, but i don't feel the same about this job, now i'm very excited, i don't know. it feels like i'm just rambling and typing so i'll stop now.

job interview

i just got an email from Del Dotto Estate Winery for a job interview on fri at 11:00. they have two locations, one in napa, the other is their brand new tasting room and caves in st. helena, which is the location i am interviewing at and for. the position isn't exactly what i was looking for, as a cellar worker, in the production of the wine, but in the tasting room as an tasting room attendant/wine educator/hospitality person[(check it out, if i could do one of those neat link words i would, but i suck at this.]. it's not what i was looking for, but i need to learn all aspects of a winery if i am to do this. it is full time which is awesome. i also applied to four more wineries today. one sounds really great, full time, benefits, salary plus commission, and a gym membership, i really want that job.

this news helps the mood, but know i'm scared. i've made contact with other wineries, but this is the first one to set up an interview. my head's all screwed up.

it is also my moms b-day and haven't gotten her anything yet, i'm a terrible son.

not worth a title

i had to pick up the mail this morning from our p.o. box at the downtown post office. when i was leaving, there was a homeless man lying on the grass, sleeping. and my thoughts weren't how sad, can i help, or some people tell me they actually wonder what decisions he made to get where he is. my thoughts, how can this guy sleep on dew covered grass at 7:45 in the morning with no shoes or socks on, there is no way i could do that. i then felt bad for having no soul.

so i'm in this funk, the game on sunday really messed me up, i haven't been like this for a long, long time. i am hard on myself when it comes to how i perform on the field, but i usually get over it. i think it is the fact that, that is how i said goodbye to playing the game i love at a competitive level, a non-start three goal effort. i usually love st. pats day. i did nothing. i didn't wear green at any point, was invited out to a few places and parties, but i decided to stay home, drink and fall asleep at 10:00 on the couch. i even turned off my phone. i never do that. i rarely put it on silent, but i turned it off from 7:30 till i woke up at 1:00 from the couch and went to bed.

so enough downer talk, i don't know what else to say, i was going to put something chipper, but gave up.

Monday, March 17, 2008

st. pat can bite me

i have nothing against st. patrick or his holiday, it's just got bad timing this year and that makes me angry. this day follows what will go down in my life, as one of the most disappointing days ever. a day whish i will continue to bitch, moan, and cry about for some time. second, it's on a god damn monday. that just sucks. oh, and lets not forget that i have amens indoor game tonight at 8:30, what is that shit? and we all know what happened last year, so we don't need to bring that up again.
you know, now that i look at it, i do kinda hate this holiday, atleast for this year. the one thing i have been enjoying is the guinness commercials about making this day a national holiday. i tried to find them but couldn't i also didn't look to long or hard.
so...march madness yeah bracket time. time for me to lose another $10-$20 on brackets that don't make it.

Friday, March 14, 2008

new name?

i just looked at my blog and was wondering, you know, since there isn't a winery, won't be one for some time , if at all, should i change the name of my habitually visited blog?

don't forget

so did anyone watch univision last night to see the unveiling of the new fuego logo and the fashion show of our new gear and the introduction of the new fuego girls. my gear has huge pads on it. the other keeper and i felt like we were in under 8's again. but he didn't get to wear any keeper gear, which made me feel pretty good about this weekend.

oh yeah! so there is this game on sunday @ 5 o'clock. this pro team is coming to town to play some team and i'm on that team(at least for a few more days). i also have two tickets, but i have been asked by a dozen people or so for a ticket and i think the best way to do this might be a raffle on sat night. names in a hat, must be present to win. but there is a chance 1 might be going to someone, i'm not sure yet.

so that's that, i have training tonight and then am heading up to concord for my boys games tomorrow and then coming back in the afternoon. you don't need to know that, i thought i'd just let you all know.

and just so you know, karaoke @ world sports blows major balls.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


so i just got back from getting a massage. i've had many before and used to go to one place quite regularly, but i was referred to her by my ex, and she always wanted to talk about her and us, even after we had split, so i stopped going to her. plus she hurt me, i have bad shoulders, and she would put me into weird positions and them use extreme pressure. so with all that, i decided to leave.

i got one last november before the last chivas game and i loved the girl. she was good, friendly, and all at a great price. but she moved.

so today i went to massage envy. i decided on them after reading up on their web page. it sounded good, certified, took care of your specific needs, plus they are a chain, with four other locations around california, and all this for an introductory price of $39. so i went there.

i got there filled out the usual paper work, waited a minute and met my masseuse. this is the first time i'd ever had a more portly woman work on me(some of you know how hard that would be for me) but she was very pleasant and seemed to know her shit, but what kinda threw me off was that she suggested some glute work. i've never had glute work done, but she said it was very beneficial both for me as a man, and a soccer player, but i would have to be in the nude to do it. i'd never gone "a la buff" before. i was a little nervous about it, but agreed to let her do it. about 30 minutes she started working on my legs, and eventually started the glute work. to do this she had basically tuck the sheet under my opposite leg, my sack and then into my ass crack. she then proceeded to kneed, rub and caress my ass. very strange indeed. it did help, and it felt great, not like that perverts, muscularly. BUT...before we started she also mentioned not many women do this because of the region, you start at the base of your tailbone and work out and down, but apparently she was more than eager. which got me thinking, she could have been full of shit and just wanted to grab some ass and get some "unintentional" sack touching going on. so that is what was going through my mind during this, instead of just relaxing. how the mind wanders.

her name was debbie at massage envy if anyone is interested, mention me and i think i'll get a discount on my next ass grabbing.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


so i found a translation service online and got a list of words translated. i think i have the four from the list i want to use, factoring in a combination of the english meaning of the word and the coolness of it translated into danish. i'll show you the list and then we'll see which words you guys like. so the way the design will work(thank you adam), instead of having the words written down my arm vertically so you can read them when my arms are down. they will be inked so they will be read horizontily when i hold my arms straight out. they will be on the inside of my arms, one on top, and one on bottom with hearts at the ends of the words, and inbetween the two words will be a row of stars like the ones i have on the back of an adidas hoodie.
i haven't decided on which direction i want the stars to go, like these, vertically, or to go with the words horizontilly. and if i could somehow get the hearts in a similar design as the stars would be pretty sweeet. i still have questions i need to answer, but hopefully within the next month or so i can get it stuck.
here's the list.

Driven-Please explain in detail what you mean by driven – it can be interpreted in many ways in Danish. From shrewed to tense….
Proud, pride-stolt, ?
Intent-(also needs explanation in depth)
Irrepressive-Ubetvingelig (probably not the intended translation, please give details)
Competitive-Konkurrencepræget (hard to find an real equivalent to the English)
Family oriented-Familieorienteret
Free spirit-Fri sjæl
Fighter-Stridsmand (not easy to translate to the same meaning)

Monday, March 10, 2008


so i just finished emailing kasey about some tattoo ideas, for hers, and asked her this question and thought i should put it out there to all of you who still read my blog. here's what i need. i need 4 words that i embody, preferably positive words. these words will then be translated into danish and then stuck on my arms via ink and needle. to give you an idea, i've come up; with strength, power, determination, pride. i know that is 4 right there, but i don't want strength and power, i want some diversity in the words and i thought you, the people that know me best would be able to help me with this. i look forward to your serious, but mostly comical ideas of words to stick on my body.

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weekend update

well, this weekend was so much fun, mostly friday night, saturday day and all of sunday, so most of the weekend. the zoo was awesome, and playland was just as exciting, but never ever ride "big rocko" with adam, cause he'll kill you. some great pitures of the day, and mr. sushi on sunday night was a lot of fun as well.

so there is the video, and for some reason i keep getting a server down message about the pictures, so you just get the video, enjoy!

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