Monday, November 19, 2007

New News

well, the winery has been pretty busy lately, as have i, with both my winery and at cardella. we just bottled half of the 06 cabernet and will be bottleing the other half tomarrow. we will also bottle the 06 merlot in the next few weeks. the 07 merlot is already in oak barrels and the 07 cab will start its MLF (malolactic fermentation) after i get back from thanksgiving. once that is done, it will be heading to barrels. if you haven't got a BBW shirt and would like one, just ask. if you could help me out with like $10, that would be nice, but if not, you can have one anyways to help get my name out there. there will also be another print, with a few improvements made after the new year. other than that, not much else going on. most have heard stories from the cruise, but i'm sure there are some you haven't heard yet, the ones i'm not so proud of. so here are a few pictures, enjoy and i'll try to keep this more up to date, i know i say that alot, but i'm serious, i want to, really.
this first is a picture, is of a varietal we picked from my other boss at cardella winery. the next is of the same variety during the crush, this variety has great color. this next one here is just a silly one of me posing for the BBW shirts in the winery. The next is my father and i bottleing up the 06 cab sav. 12 1/2 cases done, and another 12 1/2 to do.
i really like some of the vines in fall, we get some great colors out of the different varieties. have a happy thanksgiving and i'll check back with you guys later.

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