Thursday, September 20, 2007

New Ink

well, most of the people who read this have already seen it, but there are a few who live in other states or cities that have not been privvy to it, so here you are.

as you know this first one was my motivation, and the second is my brainchild and my baby, with my ideas and my own shading. i still don't have a really good picture of it close up, but i will soon, i need to charge my camera battery. i guess this one works, but i was afraid of the glare, but you can see the shading and the color well enough...and don't mind the nip, later.

Monday, September 17, 2007

what's new.

that wasn't a question, it is a statement, as in whats new with me. well, i said that i would put up some pictures from the winery i am working at, and i will do that today. so the big thing is that i am getting new ink done today at 5:30, very, very excited about that. it should be my biggest one yet, and i should be in the chair for over 3 hours, the artist said.

okay, now we are all done with our tohmpson grape harvest, those are the green grapes. we start our wine variety harvest on sunday night, so it should only be a few more weeks and thats it.

as for the winery i am working at, i have no idea how much longer i'll be there, i guess as long as i want and feel that there is stuff for me to learn. the name of the winery is Cardella Winery in mendota, if you go to you should be able to get some more pictures and ideas of what they got going on there.
The first one shows the crusher/destemmer crushing the grapes, i believe that those were the syrah. the "must", grape juice and skins, takes that grey hose into the primary fermentation tanks there.
the next one shows the whole winery, the outside fermentation tanks and the entrence to the winery and the subterranean cellar. there are three levels in the winery, the top interior room houses five more secondary fermentation tanks along with some lab equipment, the filtering system, bottling system and the rest of the hose connectors, adaptors etc. the middle section, we dubbed purgatory, holds his barrel racks and all the cases of bottled, finished vintages from years past. you can see a view from purgatory to the cellar in the next pic. the cellar has been named hell for the time being. this last pic is the under ground cellar. this is the new barrel configuration we decided on for this years vintage. it took the two of us an entire morning and into the afternoon to get this all done.
so that is the winery and what i am doing, catch you all on the flip side, i'm out.

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