Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Not the Only One With Pictures

So on the night we were all at Landmark together, all, including our friends from out of town, i.e. Tim and the Woody's, there were some pictures and I just recently got my camera back to the office to load them up, so here they are. I had a cute one of Sara, but it came out blurry.

Friday, February 17, 2006

How much gaming is too much gaming?

I love my roommate, he is a great guy. He has his ups and downs just like the next guy, but the one thing that gets to me is his amazing ability to never stop playing video games, whether on the new 360, the old XBOX or his PC whenever he is at home he is gaming. Tonight, my girls lost a heart breaker 1-0. I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do, but I didn't so much want to stay home and watch him game with some friends(I played A game but that is it). Sometimes gaming isn't the end all fix all. But I promised to hangout tonight, so here I am, creating a new post while some friends are in my house playing video games. What a great Friday night. I guess what I would like to know is if there is anyone else out there that games as much as my roommate, or knows someone else who does? Someone who the minute they get home from work, they turn on the console and their partner has to share a conversation with a game, and sometimes even an argument(that is really weird because he wins a lot of them while playing). Anyways, just bored and confused about all sorts of stuff, sorry to bore you with this dribble, enjoy your Friday.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My Dog

So I was sitting here at work, kinda bored, so I started adjusting the red eye, on months of pictures when I came across some pictures of my dog, Suki Yaki, or just Suki. What I decided to do was devote an entire post to my dog. She is just shy of two years old, and stands just about 20 inches high at here head and weighs roughly 25-30 lbs. She is also the sweetest thing you'll ever meet. I would definitely say that she has the best personality out of any dog I have ever met. In the last picture with Suki, is Chewi, her sister. Now Alex and Kristi think that Chewi is cuter than my Suki. Let me know what you think.

My Valentine's Gift

Well, I decided to get myself a Valentine's gift because I thought it would be funny, and I think it turned out to be pretty funny. I ordered myself the "Loves Me NOT" kit from Bonny Doon Vineyards. As you can see the box is filled with all sorts of fun things. The first thing you see is the bottle of wine(now gone) called Heart of Darkness, then you will notice the four objects down the side. From the top you have an eraser, to erase the lost love out of your life. Next is a voodoo doll to poke needles in, or
something. After that I was given a bar of purifying
soap, to wash off what coodies my ex had left me.
And lastly a bar of chocolate to help drown my
sorrows in sweet tasty treats. And on the lid is a little poem to help the forlorn lover deal with their pain. All were not used but the wine last night, and then one more bottle after the one from the kit. After that, some video gaming to help take my mind away from loves lost.

P.S. And who the hell sent me text message the said
Happy Valentines Day. Not very nice.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Shmalintine's

Now I never really "got" Valentine's day, but now, this year is even worse, I still don't get it, and I don't have any one to share this bogus holiday with. I don't know exactly what everyone else is doing, but I am coaching until like 7:30 and then I was going to drink, I think it'll be wine tonight. So if there are any other lonely souls out there that don't have plans, drop me a line and let me know, maybe we'll go down to landmark or something and recount past great Valentine's days and cry into our drinks. Then we'll bash our ex's to cover up our tears.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Weekend at Pebble

Now I'm not gonna write too much on the trip, I'll leave that up to Adam. So if you want to hear about all of the hilarity, yuppies and other antics, check out Adam FRICKIN' Wall. I'm just here to say that was one of the funnest 24 hours I've had in a while.
My job today is to provide some visual aids so you, the reader can see how funny the trip was. Most of the pictures are from Friday night at Spanish Bay, and also the Lone Cypress, or Solemn Cypress as it came to be known that night.

The other two guys in the pictures are my brother and our friend Paul, the guy is hysterical. The picture of the napkin has been edited to protect certain parties involved, but it is a list of stories that Adam is going to tell on his blog. He didn't want to forget them, as we had a couple of drinks, finally I found a napkin and pen and we were able to make our list. The last is of Bill Murray, if you couldn't tell, and Marky Mark and Donald Trump on Saturday at the tournament.

And as an update, so far only Becky is the only one to show interest in the basketball game. That means still two tickets left if anyone cares to go.

And like I said before check out Adam's blog for the whole story, but I'm gonna warn you right now it is gonna be long, a lot happened in the one day we were there.

Friday, February 10, 2006

B-Ball anyone?

Okay, I got four tickets to Mondays FSU basketball game. The bulldogs versus Hawai'i at the SaveMart Center. Let me know, I also have a parking pass, so the whole night would be free unless you would like food or drink, in that case you might want to take out a loan. First come first serve, let the scramble for my tickets begin.

Baby Sitting

No w I'm almost positive neither one of the other two persons involved in what I am about to say read blogs, but even if they do F'em, maybe they'll learn something (from me, doubtful).

So last night what was supposed to be a fun night of hangin' out and eventually drinking, turned sour so fast. As I was helping Becky move some things last night, my roommate, Alex, was at BC's having drinks and dinner. As I was heading home, he called to have me meet them at Combo's for some beer pong and Golden Tee. While there, my other roommate Jake showed up with some friends. Now Jake and Alex, even though they haven't known each other for all that long, their schedules are very familiar and spend a lot of time together playing computer games late into the night and then again all day until they have to go bartend. The point being they've gotten pretty close. After we leave Combo's Alex and I head to Tuffy's, where Jake used to work, to meet some old friends and say hi. It is at this point that Alex starts to get bent out of shape because he hates Tuffy's, and also he is plastered now and just wants to be defiant, so he throws a fit because he doesn't want to go there. He would rather just meet everyone at Fibber's, our next stop. Eventually I convince him to go to Tuffy's, he was in a mood the whole time and just played Deer Hunter by himself the whole time we were there. When we leave Tuffy's both Alex, Jake, and Jakes two friends pile into my truck and listen to some Steven Lynch, laugh our asses off on the way to Fibber's. We have a couple of rounds, meet some new people, play some dice, it's all gravy. After an hour or so, I go to the bathroom, I come back and sit at Alex's table(now see Alex was at a different table because e he was flirting with some girl, and the rest of us were playing dice sic feet away at another table) and I am there no longer than two minutes and Jake walks up with the tab and Alex blows a frickin' fuse, screaming at Jake. This continues until we leave the bar. Once outside we are walking to our cars, Jake says something under his breath, and with Alex that is never a good idea, and Alex charges him ready to box. So I had to stand between two of my best friends for about 15 minutes last night and yell at Alex like he was a 12 year old and I was his mother sending him to his room. Alex was so intense that on the way home he was grunting and snorting along with breathing extremely heavy. Because eof Alex I couldn't give Jake and his buddies a ride to their friends house they now had to call a cab, which didn't come and I had to call another one for them at about 2:30.

So the point is, if you know Alex, you know the dude is intense, ask Adam he knows. But if something as small as Alex flirting with a girl six feet away instead of playing dice can blow up to those proportions, wow. Now Jake was planning on moving out soon, and leaving us with an empty room and extra rent to pay, but we was going to stay as long as he could and help us out with rent as much as he could after he left. Now he is leaving probably today, even though he won't be leaving Fresno for probably another month and he will not be sending us any money from S.D.

And as fall out from last night, because Jake is leaving Alex is deciding to raise the rent on our two other roommates in the apartment out back. Now they are getting a sweet deal and getting a 750 sq. Ft apartment for like $550(where I pay 450 for my room), but that was the deal, you can't renig it because you got in a fight with a friend, but Alex said it's time they learned to grow up. I have a sneaking suspicion he will continue to burn all his bridges by months end.


I appreciate you letting me vent for a while, and I am sorry if you actually read the whole thing to have such an anti-climactic ending, burn bridges by months end...done. Sorry it was lame, and I didn't know exactly where I was going with that conclusion so I stopped it. In closing let me say avoid the trivial stuff in life, and always be the bigger person and apologize first no matter how wrong the other person is, because it could possibly end a relationship, peace out.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Why Bumbling Brothers?

Not everyone knows me or my family. So if you don't know my family, and you don't know my brother, then you don't understand why we chose Bumbling Brothers Winery for a name.
Well my brother, Trent aka Squeak, Lil' Bitch, Frodo and my favorite Brother is 26 and my best friend, and like most best friends and siblings, we have the ability to enter our own world when we are together, and we become complete jackasses(as these pictures should prove), that no one else gets. But it is not just me and my brother, all of the males get into the action special occasions, like Thanksgiving. So here is my bumbling brother and male counter parts in the Hammond clan.

Baby Steps

I've been looking for apartments and jobs in Paso online and have actually made some headway. I got a contact and an inquiry for a resume at Tobin James, and am also sending another in to a winery/hotel place. So little by little.
And on a completely opposite subject, my girls soccer team clinched league last week, and should go undefeated after their win over Reedley tonight. So maybe you some of you could come check out a game and watch me yell at a bunch of high school girls. Should be fun.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Nothing Major

I don't really have a whole lot to say right now, but the Super Bowl sucked. Anyways, I was looking through my photos and found some that I kinda liked and am gonna put up. I know this is so boring, but like I said nothing to exciting to comment on.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Sorry 'bout the red eye

Adam, the guy with the pumpkin and on the super swing would like everyone to know that his eyes are not that color and he is not possessed by any demon or demon like creature. It was an error on my side of the board, and my inability to get the red out. I figured out how and from here on out, no one in any picture I post will look like that. Sorry.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Same goal, new path

So today I realized something, I suck at chemistry. So after receiving my first test back, and being well below the class average, I thought that there is another way. I spent some time during class and really thought about what all was happening in my life and where I was going. Ever since Katie and I broke up, I haven't been able to sit down and study for more than 45 minutes at a time. I also got some help resolving my issues with soccer. I will never do anything big with my life as long as there is still an opportunity for me to play soccer at a competitive level(like Fuego).
After all of that, I made a decision,I am going to move to the Paso Robles area and clear my head of Katie, soccer, school and any other distractions. I am going to work my way into a winery any way I can and try to get some real life experience in a winery. I have a friend in that area that I am hoping can help me, but starting tomorrow, instead of doing homework, I will be working on my resume, and searching for a job and apartment. My folks were suprisingly very supportive and proud of me for coming up with such a plan. My hope is the Paso area, but wherever there is a job that will take me in the field I am looking for is where I go, unless, it is here. I really feel that getting out of Fresno and into some new surroundings will really be beneficial to me in more ways than I can express through words here.
If anyone has any ideas or tips/help, let me know.

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