Wednesday, July 18, 2007

more about the tat & the good shepard

okay, the location for the new tat will be on my left shoulder. similar to my fish, but higher, a little. and it will also be a little bigger than my fish, and probably smaller than my flag, but it is hard to compare dissimilar shaped objects. i want it to take up a good portion of my shoulder, and i will probably have the 6 long flames lengthened a bit. i have seen a trinity with a weaved in circle, but i kind of like the rounded triangle, with the corners having small points coming off them. i might have those lengthened as well. i do know i don't want a straight red sun, i want more color, maybe some more darker colors, with brighter tips. it will also be flipped 180 degrees so the trinity will sit the way it is intended to. and as far as your comments go help. i'm truthfully asking for your input on what you think might look good and i get care bears and titanic quotes. i don't know what i was expecting from a group of goofy and cynical friends, i should have known better. maybe this new info will help ed and beck to give their opinions, since they asked questions. i ask your opinions because i respect all of you...well...most of you. i did forget how much i do enjoy blogging, so hopefully i can keep this up and ed will link me again, for like the 4th time.
the good shepard is good, that is as far as i will go. it was way long and, atleast for me, very hard to follow. maybe that was because i was falling asleep for parts of it, but that should say something in itself. anyway, thanks for the entertainment adam, and thankyou for the 32 ed.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

new tat

okay, this is going to be quick, i think i have a design that i like enough to get permantly stuck to my skin, or "inked" as it is said in the biz. it is a sun, which i have always liked and inside is a tinity symbol, and i have my own reasons for that. adam already said i would burn in hell if i got it stuck, i think there might be a chance it will just burn my flesh when the artist tries to do it. i guess we'll have to wait and see. i'm trying to load up a picture,. but it doesn't seem to be working, i'll see what i can do. i would like some input on colors and things of that nature, and any other customization you might think would look better. okay, i'm out of here.

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