Friday, August 17, 2007

internship & goodbye

well this was my first week of interning at a winery part time. a friend of my brothers has a winery in mendota and he always finds himself struggling to get everything done by himself, and when he does get help, it is from the field workers and he can't always come up with the right words in spanish. so i get to help him out with anything and everything, while he gets to help me learn how to make wine in an actual winery, not some makeshift thing. it is really exciting and thus far has been a lot of fun. i was planning on having some pictures up of his winery, but i am doing this from home and not the office, so no pictures, but soon. hopefully with him helping me and him giving me a hand in my winery things should start coming along rather quick. with that said, the beautification day is going to be pushed back quite a bit do to some more ideas and construction stuff that needs to be done before paint goes up. i will let you all know when i do finally pick a date, but don't hold your breath.

and...goodbye. this is my last free night, for a while. i have a family camping trip thing in kingsberg this weekend and my boys have two scrimmages, and then on sunday night, around 8 o'clock....................HARVEST 2007 begins. on our first night we are doing 6 loads. i know that means nothing to most of you, i think adam is the only one who would have a good idea of what that means, but whatever. all you need to know is that, that many loads equals at least 11 hours in the field harvesting, then we clean and prep for monday night. then, monday morning we start our almond harvest and i have to go back to the winery. i have a bad feeling that i am going to be up for at least 3 days before i get to sleep. so, with that said, i am going to take a shower now, it has been a long day.

and ed don't take me off your links during this difficult time, i will keep posting, they will just be spread out and only concern harvest or wine making probably. just please be patient with me. and i will also give this invitation to you all, any who would like to get a taste of what harvest is like, you are welcome to come join me out at the ranch, on top of the harvester, or in my truck depending on when you come out and see what it is all about. adam has come and has had a blast. he's even driven the harvester. if that doesn't sound like too much fun for you, do what my brothers friends do, come out a little late and bring yourself some beers and keep me awake and give me someone to talk to while you get drunk.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Santa Cruz Weekend

okay, i have a couple of things to get to, santa cruz tourney, just hangin' in the SC, & bbw beautification day, so lets not waste any time.

first things first, i did not realize that this weekend was family camp out weekend, thus making it hard to do an all day winery beautifiction on saturday when my boys have a scrimmage in the morning and then off to the river. it may be next weekend or the one after or some other month completly, who knows. for now lets just leave it up in the air for now and i'll get back to you on that.

ahh, santa cruz, what a good time this weekend was, where to begin? I left friday around noon-ish, and got to the apartment by 2:30, 3:00. we were just hangin out, rob had to work that night so we did what you do there. we all grabbed our long boards,( i took mine) and we cruised around capitola on the long board. brandon promised me booze and bitches but did not come through. but what we did that night was still fun. we had a plan to hang out for a while and then go out with rob when he got off work. never happened. we went to margaritaville and then some other bar. brandon then decided, lets just walk back to the house have some more to drink and stuff, rob should be home soon, then we'll go out. one problem, rob got off late, and all he wanted to do was eat and not go out. we waited and discussed what to do until it was 1:45.

"okay", i said "we can't make it anywhere to drink so lets get rob some dinner and get this night movin'" so we went to this place that is open really late got some food. went home and crashed around 3 or 3:30. i woke up the next morning and went to my 6 v6 soccer tourney. over half the team that was supposed to come bailed on us in the last minute, so we had to scramble and find some short notice replacements. that worked out ok. we lost our 1st game to the team that won it the 2 years, i guess, 7-5. i was pissed and felt i played bad, and the team too. Went to downtown SC for lunch with rojas and mee-agi, and their female counter parts. went back for our second game and again i played like shit. I had some good saves, but i did have 2 assists. W wound up winning 7-6. disappointed with how i played, picked up some beer on the way home and started to party with rob as soon as i got there. some kilt lifter, and kroneberg 1664 is how we started the night. we played some catch in the back yard and some darts. it was during darts that i turned into a robbin hood of the dart board. i peirced a dart that was in the bulls eye. after a while we decided to meet up with ade (robs girl), and a friend of hers, emily. we had a nice itallian dinner and a few bottles of wine. emilys sister and some friends show up and share another bottle of wine. after that we went to the club that emilys parents own. rob and ade were having some issue for portions of the night, and this was one of them. so the rest of us went inside and continued to party. by this point, 11:15-11:45, i am wasted. emily takes me to the bar and we get some tic-tacs. it is a bombable shot. it is simple, a shot of orange vodka, and half a glass of red bull. it is bombable because you drop the shot into the half glass of red bull, and it tastes like an orange tic-tac. Rob comes back and we drink and we dance, and i had to leave the dance floor, for just a minute to catch my breath, when liz shows up. she stopps and says hi, but she is on her way to the bathroom. she windes up staying and hangin' out for like 45 minutes. then out of the blue, "i don't want you to get the wrong idea, but i have a boyfriend". then get on to the bathroom and leave me alone! i got a good line from one of brandons friends yesterday, "boyfriends are like goalies, they are only there to get scored on" or something like that. so more drinks, dancing and flirting and rob and ade argue again, and she and her friends bolt and leave me and rob. we walked all over SC looking for them, and going to different houses to find them. eventually we do at emilys house, hang out for a bit, call a cab and then get on our way. by the time i got home, and crashed it must have been atleast 4:15, maybe later. i almost fell twice walking around, a drunk in public for sure.

i wake up the next morning right as i should be leaving to go to my game. not hung over or anything, just thirsty and hungry. no time to eat, i got a chocolate milk and some water on the way to the game. this is a must win for us if we want to go to playoffs. this team went 1-1 on sat. too but they have better goal differential than us, thus they beat us. we played 100 times better as did i. we schooled the shit out of this team the whole time being made fun of, both me and out team. final score, 8-2. we go to the semi's and play the second team of the team we just played, a team made up of the starters for san jose state. it was a good game, i played really well again, had some great saves where the rebound bounced right to one of their players 3 times. we woud up losing 6-3, rojas scored all 3. it is probably a good thing we lost because before we even had our gear off, the final game started, no rest. rob, brandon and nicole showed up right as i took my boots off expecting to see the second half of the game, not realising that they were only 20 minute halfs. so we went back, i got some more beer, rob went to work, while me, b and nicole hung out. i went out to my truck and found a nice little gift on my windsheild. aww, thats nice, i would have loved to see has the cute hand writing, and is clever enough to think of something like this, but which damn apartment! knock on the door, there are 9 of them close to my truck and i am not parked in front of any one aprtment to narrow it down, damn it!! either way it was still nice. at this point, it is almost 7 and i haven't had anything to eat. so we walked down to pizza my heart, i got some slices, we went back and watched the roast of flava flav. i left shortly after and got home about 11:30. what a fun time.

i think that pretty much covers it, the whole weekend pretty much, so it was fun, i gotta go back sans soccer, way too much fun. but with everything i did this weekend, i am soo hurting today, back shoulders, head, legs, everything, i am getting old.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

some old stuff

i was doing some cleaning in my office and i found my old laptop from college. inside the bag, i found some things, like some little notes and a poem, like this little gem.

it would be more fun
to jam nails in my temples,
& to run a mile barefoot on staples.
it would be more fun
to slam my face on a hot skillet,
& to cut off my hand with a sword and burn it.
it would be more fun
to destroy both of my knees,
& to poke out my eyes with a long pair of ski's.
it would be more fun
to get an anvil dropped on my head,
& to get my dick chopped while i'm sleeping in bed.
you may think to hear all this is odd,
but i'd rather do anything than be here in Mid/Mod.

those were fun, but i also found some treats on the computers hard drive, pictures, papers, lots and lots of papers, journal entries, some interesting stuff. but i think i will leave you with some pictures of hawai'i from 2000 or 2001

bbw beautification update

okay this is the second time i am writing this. it was going to be decent in length, but i am not writing it all over again. we have wine in barrels, and those barrels are 60 gal. and are hard to move. so unless i find a way to move those barrels full, we are going to have to push the date back.
i also had some comments about the press conference with the owner/ceo of the mine in utah that collapsed. he is angry and get flustered easily and keeps mentioning the possible death of his employees, doesn't sound too positive.
the other thing i commented on was the car chase in l.a. this morning. it ended very anti-climatically. what i mean is the nothing happened, he pulled over and got out. i don't want anyone to get hurt but give me something. how about some property damage, i mean the cops didn't even get to use their "pit" maneuver. thats all i'm sayin.

Friday, August 03, 2007

1st Annual Bumbling Brothers Winery Beautification Day

okay, so as of right now, i am planning on having the 1st BBW(bumbling brothers winery)beautification day on august 18th. that is 2, count them two saturdays from this one. my plan is to have as many friends as would like to come out, help me clean up the winery some(most of the heavy, serious cleaning will be done already) and to paint the inside, and make it look like the BBW should look like, fun. along with some light cleaning and painting, i will provide a bbq and some form of drinks, wine, beer or booze, i have not yet decided on one or all. i have not yet decided on a start time, but i was thinking late morning, or early afternoon, i'll already be at work so it really depends on you all. i think this could be a lot of fun, potter has some cool ideas, but who knows how they will turn out. i might ask you to bring whatever meat you would like to eat as this could get very expensive with paints, paint application tools, drinks, and food. like i said, the details are not completely ironed out yet, but will be soon and i will get them to you when they are done. if you have any ideas or some kind of help, let me know.

i also got the new z-trip album, and so far so good.

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