Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Okay, I will arrive in S.F. on Sept 1st at 1:55 pm (I know that it is in the pm because in european time it is 1355). sorry if I confused anyone.
Peace Out
I also don´t know if i spelle dmy title correctly, sorry, I´m dumb.

Need a lift, You work it out

So who will it be, who is going to be the lucky one? Who ever it is, you, back home, are going to have to work it out between yourselves, sorry. The time difference and my accesability make it too hard for me. So leave your contact info, phone or email, pref phone, email might still be too slow, and you can all draw straws to see who goes to S.F. to get me. Don´t forget, KLM, Royal Dutch AirlinesFlight KL 605, arriving 1:55 In San Fransisco Airport, San Fran, not LAX got it, now it is up to you. Thank you in advance and I CANNOT wait to see you all. Every time I come to the lab, I feel like crying when I write these I miss you all so much, I know I am loser. Okay, See whoever tomarrow.

Comin´ Home

As I said in my email, I am on my way home. I was going to give my hotel info on this one, but no reason to. But I will tell you that my hotel is called Hotel Bürger, cool huh. Anyways I will be home in the next 2 days. Right now I´m kinda upset that I wasn´t good enough for their team, but I am really excited about coming home. I really don´t know if I could have done it without all of your support. I know that you all supported me in this venture, but I need you there, here wherever. That is why I play the way I play, you are who I play for, not me, not them, it is weird I guess, not making muh sense(is that right, dunno, don´t care). What I am trying to say is that in some ways I am happy to be coming home, but others I am disapointed that I wasn´t able to play or them. Either way I will have you all again soon. And because I will be coming home so soon, I am not going to even bother trying to learn how to put pictures up here now, but I will when I get home. I miss you all very much and can´t wait to see you, talk to you later, bye.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hello again

Like I said in my email, it is kinda boring by myself, i wish you all could be here. It is a pretty town, Siegen, they have a second division team here that I might get to train with if this whole thing works out. I am going to try and post some pictures as soon as i find out how, all of the instructions are in German now, and well, I can´t read German. So for now you will have to use your imagination as to what this place may or maynot look like. Thank you all for the German lessons via email, i have been reading and learning some, but still too scared to try any on the streets, maybe in a day or two. The weather here is great, although Gaston says that it was bad before I got here. he has been here 10 days and it has rained for 6 of them. I guess we are on the same latitude as Seattle, so it rains here alot, and i guess it snows alot in the winter, but they say that Sept is supposed to be the prettiest month of the year, lucky me. I am going to be buying a calling card soon and will be making calls to some lucky few. Kam if you could tell kristi that I keep forgetting her emeail address in my backpack and that all is well, i would appriciate it. I will write to her soon. Well, I think i am going to go wonder around town for a while, then go watch some MTV because that is the only english station on TV. Miss you all and will talk to you soon. BYE

Monday, August 29, 2005


Made it here, I will be checking this site often, so leave posts and this will be like a diary to you all. And I thought that I would never have any use for this thing, boy was I wrong.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

New Link

For anyone who doesn't know me too well, Nick Potter is a good friend of mine, who is also an accomplished painter, artist, whatever. Anyways I put up a link to his website so any and all can check out his art and see what he is up to. And if you have never had the privilege to see Potter's work, you need to check them out, and the pictures do not do them justice.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Getting to know me

I will probably never have anything interesting to post, but some friends of mine had their own blogs and I thought 'Why not me, I could post something of interest' But in retrospect I fear that I was terribly wrong. Anyways here it is, Nicks Notions. Nick is a 24 year old who spends every waking moment working, training, or coaching, which I like work, but more fun. I play and coach soccer, it is one of my few driving forces in this life. Not only does it drive me, but dictates most of what I do.
When I started this, it was just going to be mostly personal information, but after that last comment I decided to post a question to any who might visit my blog for some reason.
Like I said, I have only a few driving forces in my life, two really, soccer and Katie. Anyways my life really revolves around these two things, is this normal? Should I have more in my life to make me more rounded or complete, or is that all that a person needs, a couple of important features to make life bearable? Let me Know.

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