Monday, August 14, 2006


okay jerks, here is your post.
nothing new on my side of the table, i've been logging a lot of hours out at the ranch getting ready for harvest. the only day i am at the office is on monday, and i am usually pretty busy all day then, thus the lack of time spent online.

adam-i gave steve all of your info so hopefully he will be getting in touch with you soon or maybe you could talk to him. and i don't like the nickname, i think it sucks and is very obvious.

ed-you owe me money, $65 i think,and again, the name sucks.

becky, i'm very disappointed that you got sucked into their childish name calling, i expect it from them, not you, shame.

other than that, i don't know what else i could tell you about. i will do my darndest though to keep up with this more often, i am sorry that my lack of posting turned you into mean people.

talk to you all later, and i hope all is well.

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