Monday, April 14, 2008

moving day, wed. april 16th, some time early, hopefully before noon

i just really wanted to have a long title, so there you go.

anyways, for those who do not live here, or did not speak to me this weekend.

i'm moving!

i found a place in napa, and will begin moving on wed. the place is pretty cool. i will be renting a room in the back of a house with my own bath and private entrance. inside the main house there are 5 others renting rooms, 2 chefs, a school teacher, an hr rep for japan air, and a realtor, with one more room open for rent. it seems like a cool place and i am very excited. so, like i said, i will be moving on wed, and coming back either thurs or fri to hang with friends and family before i leave for good on sun and officially consider myself "moved". reall quick, this is my deposit for my new digs, five, hundo, in cash. i've never held that much in cash before,at least not in 20's.

so the rest of my weekend was great, i got to hang with my new beau, georgia, on sunday. had a few beers and talked while at sequoia, and the topics would have made adam very happy, and he would have really enjoyed being apart of them, but oh, well. after, i grabbed potter and kasey and we went to hank swanks to whack a few balls, well me and potter whacked them, kasey fanned them, but it was still nice of her. potter also found some inspiration for a new piece i think, called the "destruction of fresno" i like "destruction of construction", has a nice ring i think.

and yes kasey did actually hit the flag on the 8th hole, but she hit it so hard, it went off the green, but she still hit it. then yes, dinner at starline grill and dozing off on the couch while watching mxc. it was a great weekend, but exhausting.

Congrats on the place! How exciting for you, wish I could help but it's a bit of a drive for me. I know excuses, excuses!
Let it be known that we all whiffed, I was just better at it than you and Potter were:)

I am glad you got blogging again, I am looking forward to hearing about all your shenanigans up north.
Congratulations on your place! Glad to hear you're living in something that can't be pulled away by a pickup.
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