Tuesday, April 29, 2008

up and running

i'm back online bitches! i has been a long day, and i just got done deleting 200 something emails, and even though it is my friday today, i'm gonna crash. but like i said, tomorrow is my sat. so i will be able to get you more info then. i miss you guys already.

Aaaah, I was starting to get the shakes without my Sherbet Tights fix. Phew.
we miss you too, fishy.
it's been good to get your sales updates and know that fish is doing well.

too bad we couldn't crack kasey with whatever secret she has. i thought we knew the combo to that lock (glug glug motion happening now) but it didn't work.

Wow, i am much better at stiring the pot than I thought.

Unfortunately there was no actual secret *sigh*. I am going to actually find a real secret now, but just to taunt everyone with because I am a steel trap:)
come on, kasey...(remainder of comment deleted because i figured it would be a good idea).
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