Thursday, May 15, 2008

whats happenen'

so things are still going okay up here in napa. work is good, i am almost up to $20,000 in sales ytd. so that is cool. i've been hanging out with people from work as well as my house mates and been meeting new people, so that is cool as well.

so it has been hot as balls up here, at least for napa. we hit 95 yesterday and got up to 103 today. the news asked people to stay indoors, avoid working out and other activities that could possibly be harmful if performed on a hot day. it is weird to see this kind of concern the second it reaches 90 degrees. so...since it was hot and i had the day off, i went to benicia and hung out with a friend from work at her apartment yesterday and in 45 minutes, i turned into a tomato. it was fun, and last night i went to one of the other houses and was there until about 3:30. it was a good day, and today i did a whole lot of nuttin' but putting aloe on my chest.

i've been doing some riding around here. it is beautiful, and i don't have to drive anywhere to ride through the hills. i get to start from my house, and that is great.

oh! and my brother is now engaged, so that is exciting. well, it is time to apply more aloe. i miss you guys. talk to you soon.

omg, that looks AWFUL!!!!

poor fishy!
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