Wednesday, May 28, 2008

still rockin

things are still goin well up here in napa. not a whole lot of new info to speak of. i know it sounds boring, and it is kinda, but i still love it. i'm still meeting new people and getting to know my housemates and co-workers better, so that is cool.
i didn't do a whole lot on my birthday, i missed you guys, but it could have been worse. i get to see alex tomorrow. i am going into the big bad city for the first time since i've been up here to go to the golden gate park disc golf course, have a late lunch and a beer, then to sonoma to meet some new people. i'm looking forward to it, then it's back to the grind of drinking and selling wine. i hope you all are doing well. later!

Ooh its a rare Nick post. I have heard about these.
Things dont sound too shabby up in wine country. It sounds like its a tough life you do lead:)
Glad things are good!
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