Thursday, June 05, 2008

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hey all! how is fresno? so i am coming back to town next week on my weekend. i just wanted to give you all a heads up. so whats up bitches. i don't want to sound boring, but there isn't a whole lot going on right now. things are good, steady, and very much enjoyable. i do have stories to tell, i just don't want to type them, at least not yet. i will try to remember all of them so when i get back into town i can give you all the really long winded version of them. i will catch up with you all soon enough.

Sweet, it'll be good to catch up with you.

This weekend we're headed to the Woody's for a BBQ and swimming if it's warm enough. Wish you could be there.
it'll be good to see you. not that anything is so radically different, but it'll be fun.
Well we all knew the posting wouldnt last but once a month maybe?? We miss you!
Hi friend!
Hope all is going well in Napa!
I enjoyed your guest spot of The View. Maybe next time I'm in the Valley I can convince the Dice Riff Raff to take a trip up to Napa so you can teach us a thing or two.
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Liverpudlian 4.55 million pound but recovery is old bewitching limb 27 battle show 15 balls 9 secondary attack
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PurchaseSitulijiHind, LiverpudlianThe action of aggrandizement attack line still is continueing. BesidesCountry riceGeneralKudiniao, another Liverpudlian target is effectiveness atFlower coronalCloth Lai overcomes riversidethe Red Army man is old willTom - because of this. This before Liverpudlian player Paul - because of this son, had left heavy Gui Anfei it seems that Er heart is very close.
Tom - Yinsiben sports season comes on the stage 27 times in Ying Guanlian contest, infiltrate 15 balls while, still have 9 secondary attack, the data with such colourful Jing lets his confidence undoubtedly times add: "In a certain phase of professional career, each player hopes to be able to carrying the effectiveness in class league matches on the head. But current and character, I still am player of Kepu of Lai of a cloth, my manner won't be changed forever, I won't all the time kink at ' go this supports team or support team then ' this problem. " will look from this paragraph of opinion on public affairs, tom - because of this faint expression gives him to hope to turn can arrive the desire of team of high level league matches.
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According to " daily Post " report, liverpudlian Xiang Bulai overcame riverside to offer the quoted price of a 4.75 million pound before, but cloth Lai Kepu gives decline, express to be not 7 million pound not to sell. At present Liverpudlian high level is evaluating this to turn meeting, after all frontier way [url=]michael jordan shoes[/url] still is Liverpudlian weaker link, and this turns the ready money that can Liverpudlian need draws out is not much, because if cloth Lai overcomes riverside,sell Tom successfully - because of this, liverpudlian still can obtain of 35% turn meeting deduct a percentage from a sum of money. This is meant, liverpudlian need to be drawn out only 4.55 million attainable this old will. Do not cross covet soup Mu - because of this can be Liverpudlian not just, Lei DingAlso had overcome riverside to raise the quoted price of a 6.5 million pound to cloth Lai, but riverside of cloth Lai gram had rejected this quoted price.

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